XPEL Paint Protection Film: What Is It and Why You Need It On Your Vehicle

Everyone wishes to have their vehicle looking brand new after it was first purchased. However, natural and even physical elements like weather, stone chips, abrasive objects, chemical stains, environmental contaminants, can cause unsightly damage to your vehicles paint, making that goal a far-cry. But that’s not how the story should end.With XPEL paint protection film, you can protect your car paint from a host of factors that can alter your vehicles brand new look.

What is XPEL paint protection film?

XPEL paint protection film is a thermoplastic urethane film which is usually applied to painted surfaces of new or used vehicles in order to protect the paint from minor abrasions and scuffs, harsh environmental (weather) conditions, bug splatters, chemical stains and a host of other things that can cause unsightly paint damage.

This film is usually applied to high impact areas of vehicles such as the bumper, partial hood, fenders, mirrors, a-pillars, rocker panels.
XPEL also offers you factory trained professionals to install the paint protection film to your vehicle for optimum paint protection.

Why do you need XPEL paint protection?

XPEL paint protection film offers the three key benefits that high-quality paint protection film should provide and does so even better.

1. High-performance protection

XPEL paint protection film performs at high-level to protect your vehicles paint from all the factors that are responsible for paint damage, including UV rays. It is about 6 mils thick (excluding the adhesive) and has “self-healing” properties that make smallscratches disappear or go away when exposed to heat.

2. Crystal clear film plus quality installation

Unlike other paint protection films, XPEL paint protection film does not alter your vehicles original paint or make it look terrible. Due to its design and structure, it is invisible to the naked eye especially when installed by a professional. Thus, you get a crystal clear and transparent paint protection that no one ever sees. You leave people wondering how your vehicles paint stays clean and looks new even when there is no obvious signs of protection.

You should also know that XPEL paint protection film will never yellow over time giving you value for your money and you would never have to bother about possible discoloration.

3. Guaranteed long-lasting protection

XPEL Ultimate Plus is warrantied for 10 years after installation. Beyond being able to last for such a long period, XPEL paint protection film maintains a high level of performance over the life of its warranty. However, this does not mean that intentional abuse or damage to the film is warranted. Nonetheless, XPEL paint protection film is very easy to maintain and if done well and may even extend the longevity of the film beyond its warranty.

On a final note, XPEL’s reputation in the Paint Protection Film industry has remained unbeatable and prides itself on the win-win solutions it provides for its customers. It is the first company that developed and perfected the automotive protective film technology, and produced the “The World’s First Self-Healing Film”.

We have all been there before. Driving on a sheet of ice during a snow storm or driving during rapid changes in the temperature and over time the roads become a skating rink full of vehicles trying to avoid hitting one another. Once the salt truck comes out, the stress of driving on slippery roads seems to go away. Little do you know; just how bad the salt can be to your vehicle.

In this blog post, I am going to talk about paint protection and the important questions to ask yourself when thinking of getting paint protection applied to your vehicle. By asking these questions you will be able to make sure that the paint protection you have invested in is done properly and performs up to standard for many years to come.

To build off of our previous blog post, today we are going to go over what is the best paint protection for you. Whether you are in the market for a new vehicle, just bought one, or have an older vehicle that you would like to preserve for a longer period of time, this article is for you.

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